Richard Cunningham

Richard-CunninghamLecturer in Religious Studies

My training and passion is specifically in New Testament and Christian origins from the perspective of historical criticism and literary criticism.  Generally, my training consists of ancient near eastern religions, the Hebrew Bible, intertestamental  literature, early Jewish literature and Greco-Roman religions and culture.  My particular research interest is in the relationship between the oldest three gospels (Mark, Matthew and Luke), commonly known as the synoptic problem.  My pedagogy heavily relies on recent advancements in neuroscience in order to equip students not only for academic success but also for vocational success through cultivating a dynamic classroom community, imparting life skills and developing critical thinking.

Classes Taught at UCR: Introduction to the Bible, Pilgrimage, Jesus, Christian Origins, Introduction to Western Religions, Contemporary Views of Jesus, New Testament, Biblical Fictions, and Hebrew Bible/Old Testament.