UCR Conference on Queer and Transgender Studies in Religion


UCR Conference on Queer and Transgender Studies in Religion (Online)

February 21, 2020

Proposals are invited for the second annual UCR Conference on Queer and Transgender Studies in Religion. In even-numbered years the conference takes the form of small, informal workshops lasting around three hours, most of them held online through videoconferencing. The workshop sessions are expected to take place in the morning and the afternoon (Pacific Standard Time: UTC -8:00) on Friday, February 21. For Southern California residents who would prefer to meet in person, workshops at UCR may also be arranged during these times. The conference will include a mid-day keynote performance of Cuir Devotion by Enzo Vasquez Toral (Penelope Sumac), which will take place at UCR and will be livestreamed for online participants.

Proposals should be for works in progress, relevant to queer and/or transgender studies in religion, that the author or authors would like to workshop with other scholars in this field. Each proposal should contain an abstract of no more than 250 words (plus headers and any references) and a bio of 150 words or less. If you have specific preferences for workshop matching (e.g., by topic or theoretical approach), please also note these in your proposal; the program committee will do its best to honor them if possible. Proposals for full workshops (similar to a panel proposal in a more traditional conference format) will also be accepted; they should contain individual proposals as described above, accompanied by a paragraph explaining the rationale for placing these proposals in conversation. Please note that accepted workshops may be asked to add other conference participants if the workshop is small and there is a strong match between the proposals. For scheduling purposes, all proposals should also list the time zones in which participants expect to be located during the conference, and any limitations in availability they may have.

Please send proposals and any questions to Melissa M. Wilcox, melissa.wilcox[at]ucr.edu, by September 30, 2019. Registration for this conference is free, thanks to the support of the Holstein Family and Community Chair in Religious Studies at the University of California, Riverside.