Graduate Education and Research Activity (GERA) Grants

The Religious Studies Department has a limited budget available for Religious Studies graduate students to support education and research activities, such as attending summer language institutes, attending conferences, traveling to research sites, and the
like. Requests for funding are reviewed in a rolling capacity.

Applications should be sent by email to the current faculty Graduate Director for the department. In your application, please include:

  • A cover letter explaining the purpose of your request and its importance to your education and your future career goals. Please also indicate whether other sources of funding are available, whether you have applied for them (and why not, if you haven’t), and what the outcome of those applications was, if known.
  • If relevant and available, a copy of the letter indicating your acceptance to the conference, language school, or other event.
  • A detailed budget that clearly indicates the requested amount and the purposes to which it will be put.

If you are requesting funds for more than one purpose in the same quarter, please submit one application for each activity.

Applications will be accepted as far in advance as needed. Applications will not be turned down just because the event is imminent, but if there are insufficient funds available it may be difficult to fund a last-minute application.

In order to support as many people as possible with a limited budget, applications may at times be funded at levels lower than those requested. Funding decisions will be made based on the importance of an activity to the student’s education and future career goals, on the availability of other funding sources, and on the number and amount of previous awards, with the goal being not equality of funding but equality of opportunity (attending a language institute costs more than attending the AAR in San Diego, for instance, but each may be equally critical to different students’ future careers).

If you have questions about these grants or about how to apply for them, please contact the Graduate Director, other members of the Graduate Program Committee, or the faculty member(s) with whom you work most closely.