Muhamad Ali

Associate Professor of Religious Studies and Director of Middle East and Islamic Studies Program

INTN 2018
(951) 827-5111

Curriculum Vitae


Muhamad Ali is an Indonesian scholar of Islamic and Religious Studies in the United States. He earned a B.A. in Islamic Studies from the State Institute for Islamic Studies, Jakarta; a dual degree of Management (Magister Manejemen and Certificate d’Aptitude a l’Administration des Entreprises) from the University of Indonesia and Universite Grenoble, France; an M.Sc. in Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies from Edinburgh University, Scotland, and a Ph.D. in History, focusing on Southeast Asia, Europe, World, and the Middle East, from the University of Hawai`i at Manoa, U.S.A. Dr. Ali has published books, articles, chapters, and opinions on topics related to Islam, such as as jihad, violence and peace, gender, interfaith dialog and global education, Muslims’ perceptions of Judaism and Jews, Islamic liberal movements, and Southeast Asian history.  His recent book is Islam and Colonialism: Becoming Modern in Indonesia and Malaya (Edinburgh University Press, 2015) and his other two books Multicultural-Pluralist Theology (2003) and Bridging Islam and the West: An Indonesian View (2009) were published in Indonesia. His current projects are concerning religious freedom and pluralism in modern Indonesia; Indonesian Islam; and the expressions of adab in Indonesia and Malaysia. Dr. Ali teaches courses on Islam, the Qur’an, comparative scripture, Islam in Southeast Asia, Southeast Asian religions, and graduate seminars on Approaches to Islam; Religion, Politics, and Public discourse; and Religions in Contact.  Dr. Ali lives in Riverside, CA, with his wife Neneng Syahdati Rosmy and daughter Inas Anandini Ali.


2007 Ph.D. History, Islam, Southeast Asia, Middle East, World, Europe,  University of Hawai`i at Manoa, Honolulu, U.S.A.

2001 M.Sc., Islam and Politics, History, Middle East and Islamic Studies, Edinburgh University, United Kingdom.

1999 Master of Management and Certificat d’Aptitude a l’Administration Des Entreprises, International Management, Jakarta, Indonesia and Grenoble, France

1998 Bachelor of Arts, The Qur’anic Exegesis and the Hadith, the State Institute of Islamic Studies, Jakarta, Indonesia.


Malay/Indonesian, English, Arabic, French, Dutch

Courses Taught

Introduction to Comparative Scripture, Introduction to Asian Religions, Islam in Southeast Asia, Reading the Qur’an, Topics in Modern Islam, Islam in America, Southeast Asian Religions, Peace in the Middle East, Religion, Politics, and Public Discourse, Approaches to Islam in Religious Studies, Religions in Contact, Public Religious Discourses in Modern Islam