Event Calendar

RLST Colloquium 2017-2018

All events on Thursdays from 11:10-12:30

October 5 – Rudy Busto, Department of Religious Studies, UCSB (arranged by Melissa)

November 2 – “‘The Breaking of the Outer Man’: Asceticism, the Self, and the Church in Watchman Nee’s Mature Thought.” Paul Chang, Department of Religious Studies, UCR

December 7 – “Informant as Researcher: Rethinking the Subjective Experience of Studying One’s Own Community” Shou-Jen Kuo, Department of Religious Studies, UCR

January 25 – “The Unread Book: Visual Display and Image Narratives in Medieval Tibet,” Sarah Aoife Richardson, Department of Historical Studies, University of Toronto (arranged by Matt)

Bio: Dr. Sarah Aoife Richardson studies Tibetan Buddhist art history and is interested in the important role that images play in mediating religious experiences. She currently teaches courses in the history of religions at the University of Toronto, Mississauga.

February-March: Jain Studies search candidates

April 12 – “The Faithfully Indebted: Going into Debt for Christ in Colombia” Rebecca Bartel, San Diego State (arranged by Matt)

May 10 (Date pending) – Molly McGarry, Department of History, UCR (arranged by Melissa)

June 7 – “What is ‘Asian American’ about Asian American Christianity?” Rebecca Y. Kim, Department of Sociology and Ethnic Studies Program, Pepperdine University (arranged by Paul)

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