Full-Time Faculty

Michael Alexander, Faculty Graduate Advisor
Associate Professor & Maimonides Endowed Chair in Jewish Studies
INTN 2038
Areas of specialization: Modern Judaism, American Religions

Muhamad Ali
Associate Professor
INTN 2018
(951) 827-5111
Areas of specialization: Islam in Southeast Asia; Qur’anic exegesis; Comparative Muslim societies; Transmission of Islamic Knowledge; religious pluralism; Islamic movements and politics

Paul Chang
Acting Assistant Professor
INTN 2016
(951) 827-5986
Areas of specialization: Global/World Christianity, Christianity in China, History of Christian thought, Missions

Matthew King
Assistant Professor
INTN 2042
(951) 500-0545
Areas of specialization: Transnational Buddhism; Religion in Tibet and Mongolia; Buddhist Monastic Historiography; Buddhism and Politics, Science, and Economics; the Global Circulation of Knowledge about Buddhism and Buddhist Peoples

Amanda Lucia
Associate Professor
INTN 2034
(951) 827-2137
Areas of specialization: Modern Hinduism; American Religions; New Religious Movements; Gender Theory; Immigration and Ethnicity; Transnationalism and Globalization; Postcolonial theory and Ethnographic methodology

Pashaura Singh, Chair
Professor & Jasbir Singh Saini Endowed Chair of Sikh and Punjabi Studies
INTN 2026 & INTN 2046
(951) 827-1251 Chair phone
(951) 827-6444 Faculty phone
Areas of specialization: Textual Criticism: Canon Formation and Hermeneutics, Historical Analysis: Historically-grounded critical method based upon contextual depth, Sikh Studies: Religion, History and Society, Indian Studies: Religion in Modern India, Punjabi Language: Modern and classical/scriptural (Sacred Language of the Sikhs)

Melissa M. Wilcox
Professor and Holstein Family and Community Chair in Religious Studies
INTN 2046
(951) 827-7969
Areas of specialization: Gender studies and queer studies in religion, with particular emphasis on the U.S. and Europe in the context of transnational queer and religious politics.

Emeritus Faculty

  • Joel Martin
  • Vivian-Lee Nyitray
  • June E. O’Connor
  • Douglas M Parrott
  • Ivan Strenski